Weathered Blue Tumblers -pre orders only

Weathered Blue Tumblers -pre orders only


This is a pre-order! Each piece will be created just for you and will take 3-4weeks to throw, trim and glaze.

These tumblers are a balance between warm and cool, sandy and soft - like a weathered stone worn by the sand and waves. The subtle beauty of the rich satin matte texture against a newer “beach-like” clay. Each tumbler is wheel thrown, trimmed, and hand brushed with a rich satin matte glaze.


  • Aprox.Diameter: 2.5 in

  • Aprox. Height: 3.5 in

  • 9-10oz. capacity

  • microwave and dishwasher safe

  • each handmade piece is unique and not identical

A tumbler is brought to life from a North Carolina, sandy, white stoneware clay thrown on the wheel. It undergoes the first of two firings (bisque) in a kiln and once the tumblers cool they are brushed with a rich blue/grey glaze and fired for the last time at 2232 degrees Fahrenheit. Here earth and art are forever bonded and the soft weathered blue tumblers are ready to enter daily life and cherished for a century.

Because each piece has been carefully created by a human hand through each step the pieces are not exact replicas but rather closely related in size and shape.

Tumblers are dishwasher and microwave safe but as with anything handmade it is more loving to hand wash. All glazes are lead free and dinnerware safe.

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