I’m Maryfrances Carter, an artist from Hickory, North Carolina, where I live with my husband, our three full-of-life kids, and a rambunctious pup, Wallie.

I’ve been drawn to art and a creative practice my whole life. I seek to weave the spark of creativity in to everything I do. From a fallen leaf, to a budding flower, the world around me and life through my children’s eyes are constant inspirations. It’s my passion to create art that is both beautiful and functional.

This is why I have fallen so deeply in love with ceramics. Transforming a lump of clay into an unique piece of art that can be used and enjoyed is exhilarating! Working from my home and community studios, I am usually found quietly working on my next idea! Each piece is wheel-thrown and hand illustrated using techniques I’ve learned from watercolor painting, gold embossing, and line drawing. Whether it is a mug, a plate, a bowl, or whatever my sketchbook scratches have inspired, I desire to transform everyday moments in to opportunities to savor beauty and simplicity. Let’s enjoy life’s little moments, together!

xo, Maryfrances